Top 10 Reasons to Attend

Top Ten Reasons to Come to Living Water

10. You like having options.

Living Water has in person worship and online worship at 10 am on Sundays.  When you’re in town and healthy, come in person for the live experience of worship with other people.  And when you’re traveling, sick or just having one of those mornings, stay home and worship online!

9. You don’t have time to eat breakfast before you come to church.

food(Pre-COVID) At Living Water, you can help yourself to a bagel and cream cheese and some fresh fruit. You can bring your food with you into worship, too.

8. You want a church that’s close and convenient.

Living Water is located on Tom Watson Parkway (highway 45), just west of The National golf courses (click for map and directions). It’s easy to find and convenient to everyone in Parkville, southern Platte County, and northern Wyandotte County.

7. You have tough questions about faith, religion and the Bible.

If you don’t want a church where you have to “check your brain at the door”, then Living Water is for you! You’ll feel comfortable bringing your brain and your questions. Pastor Laura is always happy to discuss questions about God and faith outside of Sunday morning, too.

6. You don’t want a “Stepford” church where
everyone looks and thinks alike.

small DSC_2133Living Water has all ages from kids to senior citizens, singles in their 20s, empty-nesters, and everything in between. We come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds from agnostics to deeply committed Christians, from Nazarenes and Baptists to Catholics. This is a church that welcomes everyone. Don’t worry, you’ll fit in!

5. You don’t want to have to drag your kids to church or leave them with strangers.

Since worship is held in a coffee house setting, Living Water is a great place for you and your kids to experience worship together. You can enjoy a cup of coffee at your table during the service while your kids drink lemonade and follow along with their own special page of activities. Your baby or toddler can be well cared for by our child care worker, if you prefer.

4. You don’t own a set of “church clothes”.

Don’t worry about it – Living Water is casual. You can feel comfortable in shorts or jeans, tennis shoes or sandals, t-shirts and ball caps. Come as you are. There are no fashion police at the door.

3. You can’t stand a church service that’s long and boring.

Worship services at Living Water are a feast for your senses and are fast-paced, lasting about an hour. You’ll enjoy the live music, supported by a state-of-the art sound system. Eye-catching graphics and video clips projected on a 133-inch, high-definition screen make the message come alive. Banners, fabrics, flowers, candles, and drama further enhance the worship experience. Services at Living Water are definitely not boring!

2. You want to hear a message that speaks to real issues in your life.

Worship AreaPastor Laura is committed to going deep into Scripture and always does her homework in preparation for her sermons. But she doesn’t stop there – she always tries to answer the question, “So what?” Laura believes that Scripture can change us when we understand what it said to its original audience, and what it is saying to us today.

1. You long for a comfortable place where you can experience God in worship.

Palm SundayMaybe you love to sing, maybe you don’t. Perhaps you like trying new things, or perhaps you’d rather not. You might want to jump in and participate any way you can the first time you come, or maybe you would rather just observe. Maybe you’ve been a Christian for a long time, or maybe you’re coming just because you’re curious. No matter who you are or why you came, you’ll find that Living Water is a comfortable place where God is actively present in worship. Leave yourself open to God during the service, and don’t be surprised if you hear God speaking.