Jesus was all about giving his living water away.  From the very beginning, Living Water Christian Church has made outreach and service a part of who we are.  It’s not a program tacked on to the calendar so it looks like the church cares.  It’s part of our DNA.

We offer a Food Pantry which is available 24/7 self-service through a free standing offering box located at the start of the walk to the main entrance of our building.  It is regularly stocked with canned goods and other items available for the general public to have.

We support Hope.wrx ministry which operates from Hillside Christian Church.  Volunteers from Living Water help staff a food pantry on Monday nights and also fill backpacks with food on Wednesday nights so families in the Northland won’t go hungry on the weekends.

We also provide toiletry kits to Micah Ministry, a food and clothing ministry to homeless people in Kansas City.

Our Crafter’s Hands group regularly donates warm scarves, hats and baby blankets to many organizations in Kansas City, too.