Going to church isn’t exactly fashionable today.  People have been turned off by what they see in the news – the scandals, the judgmental attitudes, and the apparent rejection of science.  But what if there was a church that wasn’t like that?

What if there was a church that tries to create a community of people who could be authentic about who they really are without pretending to have everything together?  What if we actually wanted to know one another and care about one another?

What if there was a church where EVERYONE was welcome – including LGBTQ people and tattooed people and divorced people and recovering addicts, and…you get the picture.  Jesus welcomes everyone so we do, too.  When we say “welcome,” we mean to everything – to worship, to serve, to laugh, to teach, to share communion and to be in leadership.  We think it’s what the Kingdom of God looks like.

And what if this church didn’t focus its attention on sin and hell and the afterlife but instead focused on the freedom and the joy Christ gives us in this life?  That’s the Good News that we celebrate and share each week.  Whatever happens in the next life is in the hands of a merciful God, so we don’t try to work out

And what if this church didn’t disparage science but saw science and theology as compatible, even good friends.   Could there be a church where questions are welcome and you don’t have to agree with the pastor or the person sitting next to you in church.  You just have to love them (which is much harder).

But in the end, a church needs to be about Jesus.  Could this church still study the bible and worship God and follow Jesus?  Here at Living Water Christian Church, we love Jesus.  We can’t help it.  He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the world and the best thing that’s ever happened to us.  And when we read about him in the gospels, we see him healing and feeding and forgiving and teaching and loving others, and we want to be just like him.

We belong to the historic American denomination The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) – or Disciples for short.  We’re a mainline denomination which means we have similar theology to the Methodists, the Presbyterians and the ELCA (Lutherans).  Our church has been in the Parkville area for 11 years and we’re growing.  Look for the ground-breaking on our new building addition in the next couple of years.

Does this sound like a church where you could find what you’re looking for – real connection with God and with others?  That’s what we’re all about at Living Water Christian Church.  Why don’t you come check us out and see for yourself if this church really exists?

Our Staff

Reverend Tammy Gill Reverend Tammy Gill has a background as a psychologist of 25 years as well as serving in pastoral roles in three separate congregations since earning her Master’s of Divinity in 2010 from Central Baptist Theological Seminary.  Her extensive training in helping individuals and groups through times of change as well as her … Continue reading Our Staff

Our History

Living Water held its first worship service on Easter Sunday, 2004, at a temporary location. In the spring of 2005, Living Water Christian Church moved into their permanent home in Parkville by way of the generous offer of the building to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) New Church Commission. In the spring of 2008, … Continue reading Our History

Our Beliefs

WHAT DOES Living water christian church BELIEVE? mission Living Water Christian Church exists to offer Christ’s living water to spiritually thirsty people, and then help them become bearers of that living water to others. Vision To see lives transformed in a caring, Christian community where issues of life and faith are addressed with honesty, integrity … Continue reading Our Beliefs

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Address 12411 MO Hwy 45 Parkville, MO 64152 Map Directions From downtown Parkville: Take Highway 9 north to Tom Watson Parkway (Highway 45). Turn left (west), continuing to approximately 1.5 miles past the roundabout at The National Golf Club. The church is on the south (left) side of the highway. From the East: Take I29 … Continue reading Map & Directions

Denominational Affiliation

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has to be one of the most confusing names ever for a denomination.  Well, it is descriptive of who we are, but even people who have lived in the Kansas City area their whole lives have no idea that we have 70 churches in the area.  Sure, people have … Continue reading Denominational Affiliation


Pastor Laura answers your burning questions … What makes your church different from other churches? I believe that God specifically creates all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people.  So who are the people we are called to reach?  Thinking people, skeptical people, open-minded people, searching people – thirsty people.  We’re a church for … Continue reading FAQs

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